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Dr. William Li appeared as a cancer expert on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Li discussed breakthroughs in immunotherapy and foods that can help boost our immune systems to protect against disease.

“We have truly entered a new era in cancer therapy where we can treat cancer using our own immune systems,” said Dr. Li. “Immunotherapy is different from chemotherapy or radiation because it doesn’t destroy healthy cells. Instead, it activates our body’s own immune system and mounts an immune response against cancer.”

Dr. Li also discussed some surprising foods that can boost our immune systems to help protect against disease. On the episode, Dr. Li revealed that mushrooms contain a natural substance called beta-glucan that activates the immune system. While most of us just eat the mushroom cap, the mushroom stem, in fact, contains 30 percent more beta-glucan. This is an important message because often mushroom stems are discarded.

Additionally, Dr. Li lauded the benefits of pomegranates and cranberries. He discussed how incorporating them into your diet can change your gut’s environment and help you produce more healthy gut bacteria that can boost your immune system and fight cancer.

Dr. Li appears regularly on The Doctor Oz Show to contribute his expert insights on cancer, medicine, and nutrition.

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