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Health Benefits of Cacao

Health Benefits of Cacao

Chocoholics across the globe have taken notice of the emerging health benefits of cacao.  The impressive bioactive profile of cacao has nutritionists everywhere reaching for their dark chocolate bark and raw cacao powder. But is all chocolate created equal? The answer...
Are Canned & Frozen Fruits & Veggies Nutritious?

Are Canned & Frozen Fruits & Veggies Nutritious?

One question that I am asked regularly is ‘Are frozen and canned fruits and vegetables as nutritious as fresh foods?’ I recommend opting for fresh produce whenever possible, however, if fresh variations are unavailable, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables can be a...

This Electric Blue Tea is Packed with Antioxidants

Search the “butterfly pea flower” hashtag on Instagram and you will find forty-four thousand images of stunning electric blue and purple cocktails, bread, noodles, ice cubes, smoothie bowls, and everything in between. The dried blossoms used to make these jewel-toned...

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