As the global pandemic progresses, it’s time that we face the facts: COVID-19 is far from over and in some areas, it may not have even reached its peak. As the conversation continues to spin around hospitals, ventilators, and social distancing, we must ensure that we do not lose sight of how important it is to do everything in our power to protect ourselves from the safety of our own homes. Until there is a vaccine, which is at least months if not years away, you are your own best defense system. You are your children’s best defense system.

Wash Your Hands
Hand washing has always been an important part of our hygiene, but now it acts as an added layer of protection against germs, and of course, the virus. Please ensure that you take the time to wash them correctly – one suggestion is to sing “happy birthday” twice while you do it. I recorded a video to show you exactly how you should do it.

Boost Your Immunity Through Food
This is increasingly important for those with compromised immune systems and chronic illnesses. I wrote the book ETBD because I study how our body’s health defense systems work to help us resist disease and how foods can boost those defenses. Right now, I am eating foods that are loaded with vitamin C like oranges, orange juice, guava, and strawberries. I also love incorporating mushroom (both the caps and stems) and tomatoes into my meals. I drink pomegranate juice, tea, and coffee everyday. Check out this video for the full breakdown and explanation.

Properly Wash Your Groceries
Once you return home from the grocery store it is extremely important to wash all of the foods, including the items that are packaged or in cans. Based on recent studies we now know that virus can live on various surfaces for up to three days, so it is extremely important that you handle all items that come into your house with care. Please also keep this in mind for mail, packages, and take-out food as well. In this video I show you how to effectively clean all of your groceries.

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